Inequality demands innovation

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Registrations are currently closed, but will reopen very soon for our Specialist Fellowships.

All around us are entrenched, complex problems.

Surging knife crime and gang violence, rising homelessness and a shortage of affordable housing, isolation, xenophobia, an economic disparity between the rich and poor at near Victorian levels.

But cynicism won’t change anything, and inequality won’t fix itself.

We think the entrepreneurial approach is one of the best ways to put a dent in the toughest issues of our time.


Build something that matters

Year Here is a full-time postgraduate course in social innovation based in London. Unlike a traditional Master’s degree, it’s immersive, action-oriented and grounded in the daily experience of those at the frontline of inequality – where your journey starts, at homeless hostels, care homes or pupil referral units across the capital.

Our Fellows come from all sorts of backgrounds and industries from biochemistry to journalism, theatre to engineering. With an average of 4 year’s career experience, they bring an incredibly diverse set of professional skills and life experiences to the programme. What unites them is their brilliant personal qualities – like resourcefulness, humility and resilience – and their passion for social action.

Our impact

Our Fellows have collectively volunteered 90,000 hours in frontline services – including homeless shelters, community centres and pupil referral units.

We’ve also launched 20 ventures including:

  • Settle – supporting vulnerable young people who are moving into their first home
  • Chatterbox – a language tuition service staffed by refugees
  • Birdsong – a fashion brand selling clothes handcrafted by women’s groups – from elderly knitters to migrant seamstresses – with a ‘no sweatshops, no photoshop’ ethos

Collectively they have reached over 4,000 beneficiaries, generated more than £2m in revenue and received national coverage in The Guardian, Huffington Post, Independent, Daily Mail, Financial Times, Vice and BBC News.

Our alumni have received 4 Shackleton awards, a Forbes 30 Under 30, Social Enterprise of The Year and a WeWork Creators award, among many others.

The year ahead

Over 10 months you’ll focus on a complex social issue: the housing crisis, educational inequality, community resilience, vulnerable youth, or health and wellness.

Supported by a network including The Cabinet Office, Bain & Co, and Nesta – if selected, you will:

  • Serve at the frontline. You will spend 5 months learning first-hand from the people hit hardest by inequality to gain the personal insight essential to design measures to create change.
  • Test and build ventures. You’ll test and build your own social enterprise with the potential to progress to our Incubator and launch it to the world. Half of our alumni pursue the social business they create during the programme.
  • Learn from expert faculty. You’ll be assigned a personal mentor and receive extensive training from a faculty of more than 80 leaders from across the social innovation field – who specialise in everything from entrepreneurship, government policy, community development and service design.
  • Design solutions. Our Fellows learn the latest innovation tools, used by the world’s top tech start-ups and design companies, to solve real-world problems. You’ll build your own projects from the get-go, starting with designing innovations to further your frontline placement’s impact.
  • Find your people. The Year Here community will become your support network, collaborators and co-founders. This is a unique opportunity to join a growing movement of entrepreneurs and activists.


Who we are

Year Here was launched in 2013 at 10 Downing St, since then we have worked with 146 Fellows across nine programmes and been named one of Britain’s 50 New Radicals by Nesta and The Observer.

Our Faculty includes social entrepreneurs, policy makers and innovation experts – from Sophie Howarth, co-founder of School Of Life, to award-winning social designer Lauren Currie OBE and Nishant Lalwani, Director of Investments at Omidyar Network.

There are no course fees

Unlike a traditional Master’s degree or postgraduate course, we cover your tuition fee.

Our financial support package includes access to loans, bursaries, flexible paid work, TfL discounts and affordable accommodation.