Making the melting pot

When top talent works towards an audacious goal

It’s been five years since we launched Year Here as a leadership programme for ambitious young people who were fired up about social change.

Since then we’ve been overwhelmed with the collective progress of our community: 90,000 hours contributed in frontline services working with the most vulnerable people, 20 new social ventures, thousands of column inches and dozens of awards.

One thing that we’ve learnt is that Year Here works best when it’s a melting pot. It’s magic when you mix designers and artists with economists and consultants, all working on problems that matter.

Bringing together these different perspectives and approaches to solving problems is a powerful way of coming up with genuinely inventive solutions – like when tech entrepreneur Sagar Gupta and Pavlina Draganova, who has a background in law and finance, built Ally, an idea that Sagar had piloted during his frontline placement at a North London homeless hostel, as a social venture.

Setting up a social venture within a year is an audacious goal, and one that’s not right for every Fellow. We know that it takes guts and a cool head to be entrepreneur – as well as being one of the most professionally-demanding paths you can choose. It also demands a broad range of skills and the challenge of building a sustainable social venture is so much more achievable when you have a solid foundation of professional skills to build from.

So we’re now looking for applicants with at least 2 years’ professional experience who come to us with a specific skill set that they want to apply towards a social purpose.

Here are our new selection criteria:


You should have a solid grounding in fundamental professional skills built up over at least 2 years in work.


You don’t have to have started a business but you’ll need to demonstrate your natural bias towards action.


We’re looking for curiosity, open-mindedness and a sense of possibility about growth – personal, professional and societal.


You should be thoughtful about society’s issues, critically-minded about what works and fired up about change.


You don’t let opportunities pass you by. You are serious driven and you’re hungry for growth, for learning, for impact.


If this sounds like you, start your application now.