Angie Kalou

2018 Fellow

Angie is a proud Londoner of Greek Cypriot heritage. She studied English Literature at the University of Sussex, focusing on social and cultural displacement, critical theory and identity politics.

After graduating, she engaged in content writing and other roles in the travel industry. This inspired her to travel widely, during which time she built an appetite for understanding the impact of varying social systems.

Angie has since begun blogging about Britain’s social issues and continues to volunteer at NCT Enfield as Online Magazine Editor. This position involves building an inclusive and informed community of parents, and campaigning for better postnatal mental health support. She has also enjoyed shadowing Haringey Council’s housing team and fundraising for National Deaf Children’s Society.

Now, she is motivated by the prospect of discovering innovative ways to improve others’ wellbeing and outcomes, particularly in relation to homelessness, mental health and the integration of refugees.