Dan Robinson

2018 Fellow

Dan is a designer curious about the contradictions, ambiguities and stereotypes that surround complex social problems.

He graduated in 2008 with a degree in graphic design. In 2016 he returned to study in Sweden at Umeå Institute of Design where he developed an interest in service design and human centred design methodologies. This led him to the field of speculative design, design to provoke thoughtfulness and alternative ideas. He is intrigued by counterargument and challenging the status quo.

In 2016 Dan spent time in Panama living with the indigenous Gunas. He was interested in what could be learnt from this autonomous community and considered if some aspects of their communal living and self-sustainability could be applied to an urban context.

Fascinated by the intersection of politics, philosophy and design he is interested in the role designers can have in helping to shape a more equitable future.