Hector Smethurst

Autumn 2016 Fellow

Hector graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Bath in 2014. After spending time in the foreign exchange office of an investment bank, he managed a team in Courchevel, the French ski resort and was a crew member onboard luxury yachts in the French Riviera.

Moving from some of the wealthiest regions in the world to Kenya, with Balloon Ventures, Hector witnessed first hand the extremes of global wealth inequality. In Kenya, he worked with local business owners and entrepreneurs to deliver a training programme to help participants develop sustainable business models and pitch for small business loans. Hector now hopes to apply his entrepreneurial approach to developing creative solutions to the problems facing society.

In his spare time Hector plays lacrosse and enjoys cooking, reading and travelling. Hector is also an ambassador for the government-funded International Citizens Service.