Jessica Thompson

Autumn 2016 Fellow

Jess has a first class honours degree in International Relations, French and Spanish from the University of Sussex. She was actively engaged in the student political body as elected representative for her subject. During her year studying in Mexico she witnessed the plight of displaced migrants. This inspired her to spend last year in Spanish Ceuta (Morocco) working with French-speaking West African migrants.

Jess first realised the power of community activism whilst working with street children in Senegal before university where she used film making to provoke and empower the community. She's worked with vulnerable groups around the world, from victims of domestic violence in Colombia to the homeless in the French Caribbean.

Since graduating Jess has also taught Spanish, led music workshops, a running club, philosophical debates, and worked as the French-Spanish interpreter for a victims of sex trafficking group. She becomes a Fellow following from a summer teaching English to Kurdish refugees in the Dunkirk refugee camp.