Zaama Latif

2017/18 Fellow

Zaama is a UCL graduate who planned to enter into a career in academia after completing her BP-sponsored Petroleum Chemistry PhD. However, she recently quit after re-evaluating her long term aims, having become increasingly aware of societal issues that she could put her mind to instead.

She has since focused her efforts on investigating solutions to combat homelessness, and how others can be educated on getting involved in creating a more balanced society. She is particularly interested in how to level the playing field and ensure that marginalised groups are offered equal opportunities, as well as how initiatives can be scaled up and affect national policy. Having been involved in the food industry she also strives to combat the problem of food waste on a government level.

Zaama also runs an online blog ( and as part of this runs the @halalfoodlondon and @halalfunlondon Instagram channels with over 11k followers to date.