Birdsong: Fashion For The Future

A Guilt-Free Fashion Event With Music, Drinks and Beautiful Designs.

20/02/15 | 07:00PM |

Longing for sweatshop free clothes without being restricted to a wardrobe comprising solely of hemp sacks? Want to attend a guilt-free fashion event without having to bring your own knitted tofu hat?

Yes, it’s here. Birdsong brings you the Future of Fashion. Come join us at a party during London Fashion Week at Somerset House and browse the rails of guilt-free fashion which won’t make you look like you’ve come straight from Middle Earth.

Expect music, drinks and beautiful designs. Don’t expect hemp, hippies or celery sticks.

At Birdsong we’re all about fashion that’s fairer for women which means no sweatshops, and no Photoshop. We find and sell unique clothing lovingly made by great women’s groups.

Check out the Eventbrite link in the bottom right-hand corner to order your tickets.