YMCreate exhibition

Local artists work with young homeless people- a showcase of their collaborative work

27/12/14 | 06:00PM | North London YMCA, 184 Tottenham Lane Crouch End London N8 8SG

YMCreate brings together professional artists (Gabriela Schutz, Walera Martynchyk and Lauren Porter) with young homeless people living at the North London YMCA for a series of workshops culminating in a joint exhibition of the artists and aspiring NLYMCA artists work. One of our artists who is a qualified art therapist has been guiding the process to ensure it adds value to the residents in terms of self expression and self-achievement. For NLYMCA residents, this a once in a lifetime opportunity and rare window into the art world and artistic process. It will also be an opportunity to showcase their work and fundraise for NLYMCA. For the artists this is a unique opportunity to learn about homelessness and the experiences and stories of NLYMCA residents. YMCreate will also provide an opportunity to engage with the local community of Crouch End where NLYMCA is based.

North London YMCA is a hostel for young homeless people aged 16-35. Join us for an exhibition showcasing the art work of Kirsty, Mohamed, Samuel, Gabriela, Walera and Lauren. Saturday, December 27 is our opening where there will be wine and snacks. The exhibition will continue until Monday, December 29. For more information check out our website: http://ymcreate.strikingly.com/