Year Here

A community of social entrepreneurs
tackling Britain’s toughest social problems
A community of social entrepreneurs
tackling Britain’s toughest social problems

Our Fellows

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For ten years, the Year
Here Fellowship challenged entrepreneurial people to spend
a year testing and building smart solutions to entrenched social problems. Year Here recruited 278 Fellows into 16 cohorts.

Collectively, our Fellows launched over 40 new social ventures.

Whether they went on to become social venture founders, innovation consultants, activists, politicians or frontline specialists, they respond to the same call to action: to get off the sidelines and build solutions to some of our toughest social challenges.

Sophie Slater

Sophie worked with grassroots women’s charities during her time at Year Here in 2014 and saw how cuts were posing an existential crisis to the charities that supported them. In response, she co-founded Birdsong, a fashion brand that connects women from worker to wearer.
She has written and lectured.

Josh Bararinde

Josh founded Cracked It, a smart- phone repair business that gave young people an entrepreneurial route away from gang crime, and was awarded the 2018 Social Enterprise of the Year. After the Brexit vote, Josh’s call for an independent office to monitor political campaigns was backed by over 160,000.

Mursal Hedayat

Mursal Hedayat is the founder of Chatterbox, a platform that trains refugees as foreign language tutors and connects them with learners around the world. She is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, recognised in the Forbes 30 under 30, Natwest WISE100, and Ashoka Emerging Innovators lists.

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