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Service Design

Roger Morton

Roger Morton applied their background in logistics in the international humanitarian sector to deliver innovation for the surplus food redistribution sector for The Felix project in London and optimised and standardised warehousing practices with them. Roger now hopes to innovate and problem solve within the operations departments of purpose led organisations.


Full time from 11th July

Interested in:

Operations, innovation, change management, simplification of extreme complexity, optimisation and human-centred design.


Innovation Case study: The PeACE Vest

Bucks young farmer deploys his agri-skills in Iraq

Roger Morton – Doctors without boarders

Roger Morton invents vest with built-in chemicals protection

Prema Shah

Prema is experienced and interested in a variety of service design and social innovation consulting projects. She is particularly passionate about health and mental wellbeing, social mobility, community development and tackling climate change through waste reduction.

Following 5 years developing a successful consulting career at EY, working with a variety of private and public clients, Prema’s Year Here journey has accelerated her strength in healthcare & wellness innovation. In her work with the Adults’ Social Care team at Norfolk County Council, Prema led a service design sprint to improve engagement and co-production both internally and with residents. She is keen to apply her co-production toolkit to help organisations centre those with lived experiences and deliver more impactful, and indeed measurable, social change.


Part time / freelance / open to contract from July 4th 2022 for 4-6 months

Interested in:

Sales, marketing, project management, business development, outreach/relationship management, research, recruitment, user research, diversity and inclusion, innovation consultancy.

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Cameron Taylor

Whilst supporting the delivery of C4WS Homeless Project, Cameron explored how service design processes can identify problems, deliver innovation and enhance impact. As Social Innovation Consultant for Guys and St. Thomas Hospital Trust, Cameron led a User Research Project to develop a strategy for improved healthcare and employment outcomes within the NHS for Ex-Armed Forces in London.

Cameron is looking for opportunities to apply user research and human-centred service design to deliver social impact and innovation across sectors.


Full time / Part-time / Freelance

Interested in:

User research, service design, human-centred design

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