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Health and Social Care

Landa George

Landa is interested in organisations involved with public sector consulting and co-production and user-centred design. Organisations involved in mental health, housing, health inequalities, community development, health and well-being and social prescribing.

Landa utilised her varied background working with different vulnerable groups to contribute to a successful consulting project that delivered a wellbeing week involving multiple stakeholders.




Interested in:

Marketing, outreach/relationship management, and research.

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Sean Davey

Sean is interested in exploring what it means to live a healthy lifestyle, age well, transition through life stages with dignity, and have deep, honest conversations about death when the time is right. Also the power of personal branding, effective storytelling, and how to enhance social mobility in a service-led economy.

With eight years of market research, strategy consulting and more recently social innovation experience, Sean brings a unique perspective to the organisations he works with. Sean is available to help with challenges ranging from research to rebranding; insight gathering to launching new innovations; comms strategy to competitor analysis.


Part time / freelance

Interested in:

Sales, marketing, business development, research.

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Motunrayo Oyetunji

Motunrayo’s year here journey has allowed her to adapt her knowledge of digital innovation into social innovation and explore social impact. Motunrayo is still very much passionate about closing the mental health treatment gap for Black women. 

Motunrayo is interested in supporting organisations designed to tackle health inequality and gender inequality. 


Part-time, consultant, freelance

Interested in:

Diversity and inclusion, project management, business development, research, customer services

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