Alexandra Birtles

2020 Fellow

A Londoner born and bred, Alex spent nine years working at a FTSE 250 in a range of Director-level roles in commercial, digital and corporate communications. Before that, she worked in the public sector on internet safety and a £250m programme to get children from low-income families online at home.

Alex is a firm believer in businesses doing well by doing good. After climbing the corporate ladder as high as she was motivated to go, she decided it was time for a change of direction into social entrepreneurship. She is especially interested in how we can improve social cohesion at a time when loneliness is on the rise and division and inequality seem commonplace.

Outside of ‘work’ Alex’s interests are wide-ranging. She’s a qualified Reiki practitioner, loves sober raving and is an enthusiastic but amateur cyclist. She shares her home with two cats and an obscene amount of books.