Anna Maria Bosky

2021 Fellow

Anna Maria joins Year Here with a background in event management. After starting her career as an advertising creative, she became disillusioned with the industry. She founded Adpreneurs, a hackathon events company working with companies such as Unilever and the United Nations to incentivise the creation of purposeful start-up ecosystems.

After encountering burn out in 2016, she travelled to Brazil, India, and Indonesia in search of mindfulness practices to support her own mental health. Recognising that she may not be alone in learning how to take care of herself, she brought these learnings home and founded Primal Gathering. An annual regenerative gathering where people learn practical skills to regenerate themselves, their relationships, and the earth simultaneously.

Drawing from her previous learnings, Anna Maria is incredibly passionate about driving change through community-focused solutions to support those who suffer from mental health issues and exploring how to conduct effective, scalable, and sustainable social change.