Anna Mouser


Anna started her career inside government on the graduate fast stream where she learnt the inside track before switching sides to lobby government for major charities in the UK, EU and Internationally.  She has worked on pensions and welfare policy, climate change, international development and social inclusion.

She set up a pioneering social enterprise Spots of Time which enables people to give time more flexibly and makes it easier for local organisations to receive help.  Developing the concept from scratch Anna has steered the company to winning and delivering two major contracts to pioneer the giving of time in care homes with My Home Life and with youth charity Catch 22 to deliver micro-volunteering opportunities to young people graduating from the National Citizens Service.  Anna brings to Point People true knowledge of what it takes to make innovation happen from scratch, she can even show you the scars if you ask nicely.

Alongside her work in setting up Spots of Time she has also been leading the development of a major new website highlighting the field of arts and older people, Age of Creativity, and has carried out consultancy projects with clients like Design Council, NESTA, Age UK and Global Witness.