Ayan Said

2021 Fellow

Ayan Said has pledged to impact the postcolonial strategies enforced to influence gender, education and international development using data as an instrument for changing narratives.

Using her experience and Master’s degree from University College London, Ayan became a gender equality consultant and founded Voicing Voices, an international advocacy firm dedicated to raising global awareness for SDG 4 and SDG 5 and multilevel representation in decision-making processes.

Ayan has previously worked as a secondary school and sixth form science teacher locally in inner London and abroad in Africa and the Middle East. She has ventured into different paths using media and education as tools to discuss the intersectional factors that systematically oppress marginalised communities.

Observing how youth leadership programs can affect politics and reform, Ayan now lives in London as a philanthropist and poet. She is part of a diverse international team addressing global injustices through entrepreneurship and human-centric designs.