Charli Skinner

2021 Fellow

Charli is an active community builder, speaker, writer and advocate for accessibility. She is particularly interested in an intersectional approach to disability justice, bridging gaps between existing social systems and daily living.

Charli’s professional background is in humanitarian work, specialising in operations and strategic partnerships, on initiatives aiming to improve learning, accountability and effectiveness across the sector. She has actively facilitated network and community growth, forging strategic partnerships from government to civil society level.

Through local community resilience programmes, Charli also works with communities and authorities to improve information flows and foster learning & coordination in UK-based emergencies.

As a qualified fitness trainer, Charli challenges the notion of classic ‘wellness’ spaces; creating accessible, adaptive health and fitness spaces. She holds a degree in Political Science and History from McGill University, Canada.

Charli believes social enterprise is the most effective way to foster effective, adaptable and accountable environments for change.