Genevieve Hampson

2021 Fellow

Genevieve learned to quickly hone in on critical issues by working in multiple sectors during her strategy consulting years. She joined LEK Consulting’s Global Education Practice in India before returning to a UK in-house corporate strategy role and developing its ESG strategy.

Having a teacher parent, Genevieve grew up curious about education. She read Economics at Cambridge University, with a particular interest in Development Economics and education in East Africa. She subsequently spent four months on an investment project in Uganda to improve education quality in rural secondary schools.

Genevieve believes business engagement is vital for positive change and is encouraged by current corporate trends; she wants to combine her commercial experience with personal passions to move this agenda forward.

Genevieve filled some 2020 lockdown time converting a 15-year-old van into a campervan. In more conventional years, Genevieve enjoys playing hockey and cycling.