Ilaria Mezzogori

2021/22 Fellow

Ilaria’s journey has always been marked by an exploration of resources, behaviour and narratives to generate more sustainable systems.

While studying philosophy in Rome, she researched the role of stories in shaping personal narratives. This led to a few years of organising events and workshops in storytelling, philosophical practices and education.

In London, Ilaria went from running a Community Café to authoring a designer cookbook with University of The Arts London that was so green that even its paper was made of food waste. This was shortlisted by British Book Awards in 2019.

She then moved on to manage projects around sustainable themes. She speaks of sustainability in its widest sense: it’s about people, the environment, where beings and things come from and at what cost, especially ethical.

In her spare time, Ilaria loves going to farmers’ markets and cooking for friends. She also cycles and experiments with all things crafty.