Isobel Pyle

2019/20 Fellow

Isobel’s experience includes research, non-profit work and working within various tech start-ups in London. She is excited to utilise her time at Year Here to merge her passion and experience in creating a fairer, more accessible and just society.

She has a deep-rooted passion for grassroots social enterprise, having founded a weekly community meal project in Durham, which utilised waste food from local businesses. She has volunteered extensively, working in particular with vulnerable individuals experiencing homelessness and food poverty in the North-East of England.

Originally hailing from Newcastle, Isobel holds an MSc in Human Rights from the London School of Economics. Before completing her BA in International Relations from Durham University, she studied Global Politics Rønningen Folkhøgskole in Oslo, Norway.

Isobel is a keen cook, amateur boxer and is also fluent in Norwegian.