Jessica Redmond

2020/21 Fellow

Jessica is a public policy specialist with direct experience as a practitioner, student and researcher. After graduating from their degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Durham University, she joined the Bank of England as a policy analyst. Whilst there, they focused on developing, negotiating and implementing legislation regulating the UK and EU financial sector. In the last year she has been in the US as a student and researcher of Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School, focused on the impacts of globalisation on inequality.

Stepping outside government has shown Jessica’s the possibilities of social organising to introduce the systemic changes needed for inclusive prosperity. At Year Here she aims to pair their skillset as a policymaker with frontline social action, seeking to empower others to organise around their needs.

In her spare time Jessica writes poetry and interactive short stories, and ran a London-based creative writers’ group from 2017-19.