Jim Ralley


Jim is an indie consultant for Flux, a consultancy that helps companies re-design effectively. He is also a co-founder of Comedy4Comedies, bringing stand-up into the workplace to do business better.

Before this, Jim worked as an independent consultant for several organisations, including Pearson College to help change the way they deliver higher education programmes; with Swedish educators Hyper Island to explore blended experiential learning; with a superb design studio to increase openness and productivity in their teams; with his hands learning how to make exceptional bread; and with a small fringe arts festival supporting young people to realise their creative ambitions.

Jim is interested in learning experiences of all kinds, especially ones that have a transformative effect on people. He enjoys reading books about them, designing and facilitating them for schools and organisations and seeking them out for himself.

Above all he is passionate about making things with people. And the more of that he can do, the happier he is.