Jodienne Ball

2021 Fellow

Born and raised in South London. Jodienne has a degree in Industrial Design & Technology. Along with having a passion for working with young people, she volunteered with Educational Charity, City Year, before completing her PGCE in Design Technology. This led to her working in various roles, from teaching Design Technology, Catering and Construction to Technical and Support positions in schools. Alongside this, Jodienne worked with NCS and Pathfinders, other local youth organisations.

Outside of work, she enjoys Graphic Design, cooking, DIY, travelling & cycling. These passions and former work experience lead to her recently starting a food business, Ballpoint Bakehouse, specialising in Caribbean & UK baked goods and hearty meals. She would now love to gain more in-depth insight into how Social Enterprise and the development of practical skills outside of the school environment, could help solve issues surrounding young people in disadvantaged situations.