Katy Palmer

2019 Fellow

Katy’s communications career began at Hackney CVS, where she loved telling the stories of the borough’s vibrant charity sector. Since then she has developed over 8 years of experience in the cultural, social and technology sectors. Her skills stretch from production managing a BAFTA winning short film to leading the content campaign for Shelter’s 50th anniversary.

She spent 2018 in Barcelona, writing for a startup coding bootcamp. Impressed by the innovation and agility of the tech sector she is keen to explore how it can be applied to social innovation.

Katy manages the marketing for Four Corners charity in Tower Hamlets, promoting projects that widen access to the creative industries. She loves film, especially when it sheds light on social issues or empowers young people to express themselves. Katy also career-mentors young women and is excited by tech that improves access to careers, culture and education.