Kirsty Turnbull

Kirsty is Year Here’s Head of Frontline Innovation.

Having previously forged a career in public health and consumer healthcare at Johnson & Johnson Ltd., Kirsty pioneered a number of award-winning patient support and awareness campaigns, working across oncology, hepatitis C and HIV therapy areas in both primary and secondary care settings. In January 2017, she left the corporate world to work for the Sozo Foundation, a grassroots NPO based in one of Cape Town’s oldest townships, igniting her passion for championing the underdog and bringing together disparate communities.

Enrollment onto the Year Here programme exposed her to the beauty of insights-based innovation, ultimately resulting in a full-time role on the team. Kirsty’s role is focussed on nurturing the most promising young professionals in the UK towards entrepreneurship that genuinely makes a difference, supporting the delivery of world-class learning experiences, and maintaining partnerships with leading social innovators, charities, policy-makers, community organisers and philanthropists.