Kirsty Turnbull

Head of Programme and Partnerships

Kirsty is Year Here’s Head of Programme and Partnerships.

Born and raised in South Africa, Kirsty has always been astutely aware of societal divides. Having emigrated to the UK in her younger years, Kirsty graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a BA in Marketing Management. She went on to forge a successful career in healthcare marketing and sales at Johnson & Johnson Ltd, where she led a number of award-winning patient support and public health campaigns, across a variety of primary and secondary care therapy areas.

Rediscovery of her Christian faith proved to be the catalyst for Kirsty’s passionate pursuit of humanitarian equality. In January 2017, she left the corporate world to work for the Sozo Foundation, an NPO based in one of Cape Town’s oldest townships. Leading an impactful fundraising campaign cemented her drive to empower the world’s poorest communities to rise above their circumstances.