Laura Billings


Laura is a researcher, systems designer and social innovator. Her work focuses on new participatory forms of community culture, and how we can design cities, ventures and societies which everyone can build and benefit from equally.

She was co-founder and director of Civic Systems Lab between 2010 – 2015, studying and stimulating participatory community culture. She has also been co-editor-in-chief of the Community Lover’s Guide to the Universe; co-founder of Trade School London; on-site project lead for The Open Works participatory neighbourhood pilot in Lambeth; and co-author of the Designed to Scale research report. She is currently on the global advisory of Participatory City; managing Edspace co-working space dedicated to education innovation; co-founding OursYours micro-hotel to explore how a neighbourhood business can support social and economic development; and undertaking a personal learning marathon with 12 peers at Enrol Yourself.

Closing our Doors

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