Louise Armstrong


Louise is fascinated by what makes people tick. She is driven by a curiosity focused on understand our evolving cultures and what it means to be human in the 21st century. She loves creating creative spaces for people to think differently in order to connect, explore, stop and question the world around them. She’s passionate about catalysing ideas into action that are part of a cultural shift towards making our society more sustainable.

She does this through her work as part of Forum for The Future’s ‘System Innovation Lab’. bringing people together to help navigate and collaborate in a world in flux. She’s worked with a diverse portfolio of organisations from Sony Europe to ebay to the global Sustainable Shipping Industry to explore how to innovate systems. Most recently she has been working with government agency Innovate UK and EU research project EU InnovatE.

In parallel Louise has been working on creative projects including an artexhibition and mini festival – Focus Out and and is currently working in her local community get create a new linear park – the Peckham Coal Line.