Matilda Lawrence-Jubb

2018 Fellow

Matilda co-founded Split Banana, a social enterprise that delivers creative relationship and sex education programmes in schools.

Matilda was a 2018 Fellow. She spent her frontline phase at Globe Academy and worked with London Legacy Development Corporation for her consulting project. Her mentor was social innovation and public policy expert, Brenton Caffin.

Matilda has a first-class English Literature degree from The University of Sussex. At university, she volunteered with Role Models and Politics in Education; youth projects aiming to empower the voices of young people on issues of gender, mental wellbeing and politics. Matilda also spent a year at Háskóli Íslands in Reykjavík studying modern Icelandic politics, renewable energy and the sociology of women’s movements. After graduating, Matilda relocated to Athens and volunteered with Khora Community Centre and Victoria Social Centre, where she taught English and provided childcare to refugees and homeless people.