Michael-Jordan Faucher-Folie

2021 Fellow

As a volunteer, Michael was recruited in the social care industry based on his values and a long-term personal promise – to give something back to society. As a Social Enterprise Champion, Michael would challenge to get the best for people, and found caring for others incredibly rewarding.

Graduating from Bournemouth University in Advertising, Michael worked as a well-paid marketing assistant. Feeling unfulfilled, he started to gravitate towards a career in social care. Trusting his instincts, he took a leap of faith and worked as a live-in carer, and never looked back.

National lockdown has inspired Michael’s creative solutions to mitigate the negative impacts of care-home lockdown. Michael is on a mission to create the changes to tackle key problems in the social care industry and recognise the importance of collaborative efforts to achieve this goal.

Michael enjoys building high spec computers for gamers, solving puzzles, mentoring, reading and group activities.