Miriam King

2020 Fellow

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Miriam graduated with a degree in Business Studies and Sociology from Trinity College Dublin, before embarking on a career within the Fashion Retail industry.

She has since spent the past 8 years working in cities such as New York and London gaining experience across a number of disciplines including Marketing, PR, Visual Merchandising and Business Development. She has co-hosted a bi-weekly podcast for the past year focusing on topical issues and runs a monthly non-fiction book club with friends.

Miriam is also a member of the Age UK East London volunteer team and has worked as a Befriender for the past 4 years within her local community in Hackney. She is particularly interested in the topic of loneliness as a social issue and is passionate about combatting the causes and reducing the stigma of loneliness across all generations.

Closing our Doors

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