Natasa Economou

2022 Fellow

Born and raised in London, Natasa’s Greek-Cypriot roots have influenced her connection with family, community, and curiosity for the world. With a degree in physiotherapy from Brunel University, Natasa has worked in the NHS and private sector for 11 years. On a visit to Rwanda as a paediatric physiotherapist, she developed a profound relationship with the community, igniting her ambition to make a positive impact on those around her. Natasa began to transition into the humanitarian sector, working in an operational and leadership role, alongside organisations working with refugees in Europe. Her pivot into a new sector sparked a passion for problem-solving through forward-thinking initiatives. She believes that innovation, technology and entrepreneurship have the ability to create sustainable, positive social change. Natasa advocates for continued learning, honest dialogue and positive mental well-being in all aspects of life. She enjoys nature, music, cooking and looking for mushrooms.

Closing our Doors

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