Nicola Hughes


Nicola Hughes is an independent consultant working with public and social sector clients to help them make better policy. Her recent clients include Crisis, HMRC, 38 Degrees, LB Newham, the Early Intervention Foundation, London Councils, Salesforce and the States of Jersey.

She is an Associate of the Institute for Government, where she led the ‘Leadership for Government’ programme, supporting government ministers to lead through coaching, appraisals, workshops and induction events and launched the pioneering ‘Ministers Reflect’ project – over 80 on the record interviews with senior UK politicians.

Nicola is an experienced designer and facilitator, she has led workshops for numerous public sector organisations and international delegations. She specialises in facilitating dialogue and creative problem-solving between policy makers and practitioners, particularly in the voluntary sector.

Nicola is a trustee at Fat Macy’s Foundation, which helps young homeless people into work, and at FRP, an environmental social enterprise in Walthamstow. When not banging on about social policy, Nicola is a community food grower and qualified horticulturalist, working mainly on market gardens in East London.