Nishil Samani

2020/21 Fellow

Nish joins us after a successful career as tech consultant for over 6 years, most recently as a manager at PwC. With a degree in Physics from King’s College London, Nish has always been technically minded but began his entrepreneurial endeavours as a youngster, selling his sandwiches in the playground.

He is also the co-founder of One Globe Studio and has tried his hand at developing a better way to teach KS3 Physics, amongst other side-gigs and ventures.

Nish is passionate about merging social impact with great businesses and believes it’s the key mechanism through which capitalism will be able to renew itself – particularly, as more people question the origins of what they’re buying and investing in.

Nish is an (improving) snowboarder, guitarist, basketball player and Spanish speaker.

Closing our Doors

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