Rhea Fofana

2020/21 Fellow

Rhea join us with a first class degree in Biotechnology with Enterprise, having used her dissertations to explore systemic barriers to refugee enterprise in the UK, and sustainable plastics production.

Rhea became the youngest person to receive a Champion of Southwell award for contributions to her community.

During university Rhea co-founded Re-Vive at Enactus Leeds, combating food-waste and inaccessible food pricing and developed the first sustainability strategy for Leeds RAG Fashion Show, focusing on engagement, awareness campaigns, and impact measurement. She has also worked as an R&D scientist, developing technology at Mars, and a facilitator for environmental awareness workshops.

Motivated by how the fallout of COVID-19 is already weighing unevenly on people previously disadvantaged by social structures, Rhea aims to use collective knowledge to reimagine and co-design the future of the UK, aware of the human, scientific and market implications of social enterprise.