Rianne Houba

2018 Fellow

Rianne, born and raised in the Netherlands, graduated from Delft University of Technology with an MSc in Industrial Design Engineering. During her education she worked on several social impact projects, such as a feasibility study researching the implementation of adjustable eyeglasses among schoolchildren in Ghana.

She moved to Berlin after graduation and joined a startup building Panono, a 360 photo camera. Working on a broad range of tasks, including the industrial design and production of the camera and development of an intuitive app and website, she played an key role in the product’s development. She’s thrilled to focus her full attention on social impact projects once again during Year Here and is interested in the realisation of collaborations by discovering and tapping into the intrinsic motivations of the people she works with.

In her spare time she’s often found listening to podcasts while cooking or drawing.