Rosie Ashton

2015/16 Fellow

Rosie was a 2015/16 Poplar Fellow, placed at XX Place Health Centre where she worked with local groups to improve access to fresh fruit and vegetables for families on a low income. She later worked with Poplar Harca to help them understand older people’s use of digital services. She was mentored by community consultation specialist Crona Connolly.

Rosie has an MSc in Addictive Behaviours. After graduating Rosie volunteered with VSO on a 3 month ICS project in Kenya, where she decided to remain for a further 2 years following the programme. There she worked as a community development and event manager for an Eco-Lodge in Kilifi. More recently, Rosie has been involved with Sadhana Forest – a sustainable living, reforestation and water conservation project – in both Kenya and India where she worked as recycling manager, assisting the community in recycling or repurposing all waste.