Samar Shaheryar

Non-Executive Director

Samar Shaheryar is one of our Non-Executive Directors passionate about finding better, more efficient and ethical ways to do business. She has worked in, run, and founded companies in diverse industries from investment banking, e-commerce and social enterprise to now property. Samar works best in a role that allows her to stretch various business muscles. Designing optimal internal operating systems, making data-driven decisions and effectively synthesising diverse teams are my primary skills.

Currently, Samar is the COO of Spring, the UK’s largest provider of accelerated sales solutions for residential properties with £300+ million of capital deployed a year. She is part of the company’s Board of Directors and Executive Team, responsible for the financial results, innovation and strategic direction. Spring’s Marketing, Customer Experience and People teams report to her.

Prior to her role at Spring, she co-founded Baby Hero, an ethical children’s clothing company that made organic, fair-trade baby clothes that funded a life-saving neonatal survival kit for mothers and infants in low-income countries. She is a dedicated reader and book-lover, and this is how she stays connected to new ideas/traditional wisdom and stretches her imagination beyond her own experiences.

Samar believes it is both incumbent on us and good for us to do our part to make the world a better place, so volunteering for the causes she is passionate about – universal education and global health – is a constant in her life. Having been lucky enough to have lived in eight countries on four continents, she is constantly amazed by the beauty of the world and her fellow human beings. She is an enthusiastic participant in the rich rollercoaster of life.