Sean Davey

2021/22 Fellow

Joining Year Here with seven years of strategy consulting under his belt, Sean has worked with global brands including PlayStation, McDonald’s and Strongbow. He is excited to leverage his skills in research, co-creation and facilitation to make a tangible difference to people’s lives.

As the son of a social worker and a salesman, it is little surprise Sean feels drawn towards both entrepreneurialism and social impact. Growing up the local Sure Start centre was like a second home, and Sean is excited to re-connect with those experiences.

Sean studied Philosophy at University College London, and whilst there launched his first social enterprise, crowdsourcing traditional Caribbean recipes from families in Hackney, with the profits going straight back into the community.

Once upon a time, Sean played bass guitar in a jazz band, but these days he can mostly be found roaming London’s street markets and dreaming of trips to Scotland.