Sobanan Narenthiran

2022 Fellow

Born and raised in London. Sobanan has an undergraduate degree in Medical Biochemistry and a postgraduate degree in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. After his degree, he has opened a business incubator aimed at nurturing human capital in underprivileged communities while gaining experience in a range of sectors such as healthcare, prison reform and marketing. He has exhibited entrepreneurialism through the development of financial literacy programmes and digitalisation initiatives to help support individuals and organisations to develop their human capital through the application of lifelong learning and collaboration. The social issues that he endeavours to tackle are based around economic inequality, health illiteracy and the impact of the criminal justice system. In his spare time, Sobanan enjoys muay thai, jiu-jitsu, resistance training and reading. His long-term vision is to help create social, human and cultural capital to empower minority groups to solve structural issues through positive action.