Xenia Moseley

2014 Fellow

Xenia was a 2014 Fellow and her Frontline Service Placement was with Globe Academy, where she supported students from disadvantaged backgrounds with study skills. She went on to develop Curiosity Club, an initiative that challenges school students to follow their curiosities in bold and creative ways. Her Mentor was Sophie Howarth.

Xenia is a designer and artist who has produced work for The Empathy Museum, Department Store for the Mind and the V&A, among others. She was named one of the UK’s five freshest talents for socially useful design by The Independent. She was selected for the Wish List, a project that selected talented young designers for the 2014 London Design Festival. After completing a MA in Social Practice and Public forms in San Francisco, Xenia worked for public art non-profit Creative Time in New York City, and then in London as a freelance creative practitioner.