Recruitment Update

Our status update in light of the current COVID-19 outbreak.

These are incredibly challenging times, and we know that there’s a lot of uncertainty in the air about what the future holds for us all.

Like many other organisations, we’re making adjustments in the way that we’re working. Our team are working from home, but we’re continuing to deliver our programmes for our existing Fellows – and recruiting for our next cohort to start in Autumn 2020.

As most of our recruitment process happens remotely already, we’re shifting the other stages to live online where possible. Our upcoming events will now be online, and we’re looking into how we can host our usual bumper Selection Workshops digitally during a likely period of extended social distancing.

We’ll be updating this page with our latest updates as the situation evolves and government advice changes.

While we’re not physically present in our studio, our team is online. If you have any questions, concerns, or clarifications, contact us via

Please stay in touch, stay safe, and take care. We’re sending all the best wishes and solidarity your way.

Best wishes,
Head of Recruitment


Is the 2020/21 programme going ahead?
Yes. We are currently preparing for our next programme to kickoff in the Autumn as planned.

What will happen with Selection Workshops / interviews / other parts of the process?
Much of our selection process lives online already – the application forms and Skype interviews will continue as planned. We’re researching and planning a digital alternative for our Selection Workshops at the moment, so we’ll keep you posted about what these will look like.

Can I meet the team?
While we won’t be available face-to-face for now, our team is available online and ready to help. Drop us an email at and we’ll be able to answer your questions.

Are you hosting events?
All our events are moving to online-only. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for all the latest details for how you can join and take part.