Meet our new patron

Bromley By Bow Centre Chief Executive becomes Year Here's first Patron

We are delighted to announce that Rob Trimble, the Chief Executive of the Bromley By Bow Centre, is our new Patron.

Rob has led the Bromley By Bow Centre for 11 years. He is also a Director of Allia, a Cambridge-based social investment charity, Patron of The Reader, a charity which uses the power of reading to effect change in the lives of people in venues as varied as health centres and prisons, and Chair of Year Here venture Settle, a charity that supports young people moving into their first homes.

Rob speaking at the Cabinet Office for the Autumn 2015 Programme Launch

Rob speaking at the Cabinet Office for the Autumn 2015 Programme Launch

Rob says:

“Year Here is unleashing a remarkable wave of social innovation in the UK. Not only is it discovering the most incredible young social entrepreneurs, but it is also training and inspiring them to lead dynamic social ventures and drive new and radical solutions to deep-seated problems in our communities. I feel honoured and privileged to be a Patron of Year Here.”


Jack Graham, Year Here’s Chief Executive says:

“Rob has shown an extraordinary generosity in guiding and supporting our entrepreneurs over the years. Having been at the helm of the world renowned Bromley By Bow Centre for over a decade, it would be easy for him to be complacent – or perhaps a little jaded – but he is still just as hungry for change and excited by new ideas as our Fellows. We are very lucky to have him in the Year Here family.”


Katie Slee, Service Designer for Settle and 2014 Fellow says:

“Rob was one of the first ‘dragons’ we pitched Settle to during our Year Here Programme. Though our business plan was a mess, Rob seemed to see the glimmer of something special. From our early conversations about what our curriculum might include to becoming the inaugural chair of our board, Rob has been Settle’s champion and rock from the start.”


Miranda Dixon, Development Lead at the Bromley By Bow Centre and 2015 Fellow says:

“I first met Rob in the café of the Bromley by Bow Centre on the first day of my Year Here frontline placement. He gave me an incredibly warm welcome. He showed me around and I became completely taken with the place and the people. Rob has an incredible ability to make everyone feel so at ease and included. He notices and draws out the golden nuggets of skills and potential that motivate people to be creative, ambitious, compassionate and kind.”